Thursday, April 24


Barb suggested yesterday that women are to guard their hearts to keep from coveting and comparing.

One of the definitions of guard is "to keep under control or restraint as a matter of caution or prudence:
to guard one's temper." I think that definition can be applied to this topic. We guard our hearts and minds by keeping them under control or restraint.

You know what I think leads to comparing and coveting? What author Linda Dillow calls, "
An unholy habit of discontent." She says, "Our thought life - not our circumstances - determine whether we are content."

How can we be content in our thought life and content in our hearts if we are too busy comparing what we don't have (or a burden we do have!) or coveting what others have that we want?

I believe if we strive to capture any thought that comes our way that can be categorized as comparing or coveting, and replace it with a thought of contentment, a positive thought, we are well on our way to guarding our hearts and our thoughts.

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