Monday, April 28

Closing the last time

Hello friends!

As I write this I am nearly falling alseep on top of my computer I am so tired. Last evening my husband and I spent the last night in our home. The both of us and our cat were just too many bodies on an air mattress :)

We got very little sleep. But it was fun for our last night at home.

I was concerned that this move was going to be very emotional for me because I have absolutely loved living in our home the past five years.

I've had a couple of good cries and I've really been trying to be intentional in recognizing that I am closing the door on this chapter of my life so it's ok to be sad and ok to grieve.

In fact, I believe it's the healthy thing to do.

Sound strange? Maybe so. But for me, this helps me understand my emotions and recognize the closing of one door and the opening of another.

As with all changes in life I think it's wise to take time to reflect and ponder rather than rush ahead quickly into what lies ahead.

So I've been reflecting on the good memories we've made in the past five years, the heartache we've experienced and the joy of spending five years growing together in our marriage.

It's with confidence that we look toward the future and trust the next door will be even better than the last.

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Anonymous said...

You're right...many good things to come...hope these last few days are sweet ones. Mir