Wednesday, April 23

Something to Think About

We women struggle with our thoughts...all the time! I don't think there is any of us who would deny that. We want what we cannot/do not have and we dwell on these thoughts until they become a very driving force in our lives. We are likely to act on them eventually if we do not recognize them for what they are and the danger they can bring.

In my opinion, lust and pornography is to men as comparing and coveting is to women.

A wife begins to compare her husband to other men and in her mind, he is always lacking. She may take it to the next stage and start complaining outwardly and nag him to improve. She hears herself complain to him and she starts believing what she is saying. That only confirms that she really is needing more.
This 'addiction' to wanting something better in her husband leads to more disappointment and inevitably to serious division within their marriage.

Single women do the same...wanting someone they cannot have. Only now she becomes obsessed with the notion that she must have him or her life can't go on.

The examples aren't hard to find. The solution is a different story. We hear alot about men and their additive behavior. I think if we label our behavior as additive, we may begin to get some clarity in dealing with it.

Men are encouraged to guard their eyes as a way to begin to bring accountability into their life. They are visual creatures and they know they will go down a path of no return if they don't keep blinders on.

With that said, we women, then should be encouraged and supported by one another to guard our hearts. We are much more emotional in nature and therefore need to bring our 'inner chatter' into line with what is true. We need to be accountable with one another in this area.

What are your thoughts?

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