Wednesday, April 9

Thanks For the Memories...

Yesterday was my friend's birthday! I have sent her a birthday card for over 50 years!!! We grew up together but weren't particularly close. Sandy lived on my block and occasionally I would play at her house and she would come over to mine. We had dogs in common. My family owned a big, beautiful collie and Sandy absolutely adored our dog.

For some reason, we just kept sending each other birthday cards as we grew up! It didn't surprise me to learn that she has become the proud owner of 5 dogs (3 collies, all at one time!).

As I sent off a card to her on Monday, I enclosed a little clipping about getting older and wrote a brief paragraph about what I was up to. I realize with each passing year how precious it is to be able to send a card off to her. Memories beyond measure fill me up as I look for her address. Abit of nostagia and wonder are written at the bottom of my card as I realize how quick the years pass and how a simple habit...sending a birthday card, has anchored me to my past and made me appreciate the fleeting years.

I am looking forward to receiving a card from Sandy in a couple of weeks when my birthday rolls around again. If someone had told me the impact of receiving a card from a friend each year, I probably would have agreed with them. If someone had told me the impact of sending a friend a card each year, I am not sure I would have understood...until I discovered for myself the treasure of sending off a card filled with memories and remembrances of my childhood, that only Sandy can appreciate.

Any chance you have a friend you may want to send a birthday card to this year...and for the next 50 years?!

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