Friday, April 4

Use It Up! Wear It Out! Enjoy It While You Can!

Life, that is!

I had a great coat I bought in London when I was a college student. It was expensive, but it was beautiful. I got compliments every time I wore it and it went with everything. I loved wearing it, but noticed that the lining was wearing thin, so I put it in the back of my closet intending to wear it only for special occasions. I guess I never ‘defined’ what made an occasion special, so I rarely reached for that coat. I always thought I should ‘save’ it because it was such a memory to me, I didn’t want to wear it out.
You guessed it; it lost its appeal over the years as the styles changed. I ended up giving the coat away to Good Will. It was in good shape…but now someone else would enjoy it because I was too concerned about wearing it out back when it was stylish!

Does that sound familiar to you? Well, for ‘home improvement’ this week, I challenge you to celebrate and use all your ‘good stuff’! No saving for special occasions…

Celebrate…use your best china, even with the kids (it’s time to teach them manners!)
Celebrate…wear your fancy push up bra today
Celebrate…spray on that expensive perfume
Celebrate…use twice as much bubble bath in your tub this weekend!
Celebrate…eat that dessert you’re saving in the freezer
Celebrate…write on that new stationery and use up the whole box!

Celebrate by using your stuff, enjoying your stuff, wear it all out! That means you are living in the moment and enjoying the day. You aren’t promised tomorrow…so celebrate today, celebrate your life!

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