Tuesday, April 29

"The Closing"

It sounds so final, doesn't it? Ryan and Stacy are at their closing of their townhome as I write this posting! It wouldn't be so bad if 'The Opening' came right after 'The Closing,' but in their case they haven't found another home yet.

That puts them "In Between". One chapter of their life will be closed, but another one won't open for awhile. It's this 'in-between' place that is so uncomfortable. What was once 'home' is now a borrowed spot. Confidence tends to fade as there is no goal to move towards.

Not many people acknowledge their 'in-between' chapters. In fact, the 'in-betweens' aren't considered a chapter, so therefore they aren't often dealt with. Not many us know what to do with the 'in-betweens' because we are women of discipline. We are women with focus and drive. We can't afford to spend time 'in-between' because that wouldn't get us to where we are going.

But maybe it's the 'in-between' spots that allow us to hear God. When we are out of our comfort zone, away from the familiar, we can be humble and completely open to God's leading.

I've had many 'in-between' lay-overs in my life. Those were the times many well-meaning friends gave me conflicting counsel, I was tempted with different opportunities and I learned lessons the hard way. It was these 'in-between' places that made their mark on me, however. Those were the times when I prayed hard for direction, quieted myself to hear God and couldn't 'lean on my own understanding'.

'In-betweens' come in many different forms...waiting for a new home, a new job, a new baby, a spouse. Most often the 'in-between' is marked by waiting.

'Waiting-well'...is a high calling for a wise woman.
Maybe if we acknowledge the 'in-betweens' to be a legitmate chapter, we could title those chapters as 'Waiting Well'. Then perhaps, these 'in-between' times would be valued more and give the story of our life more depth and understanding.

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