Monday, April 7

Happy Birthday To You!

That should be one of the sweetest sounds a child can hear!
"Happy were born on this day,and the world has never been the same!"

I won't compete with web sites and books on how to put a great birthday party together for your child, but I would like to emphasize the importance of simply making your child feel like the world stood still on the day he/she was born! That's it. That is all that is really necessary from a good mom.

Take some time to process the miracle of your child's birth or adoption and have that wonderment spill over to your child as they realize how special they are to you. Taking time to count the blessings that they have brought into your life will give you the right attitude to handle the spills, interruptions, messes and expense that children create in a family.

This year try slowing down before your child's birthday approaches and take a good look at that scrapbook you created for him/her. It wasn't a masterpiece to show the world, it was a way for you to capture the miracle of your child's birthday...for you.

As you sing the "Happy Birthday" song to your child from now on, consider singing a second verse to thanks for all that your child has brought into your life.

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