Monday, June 9

Find A Mentor...

Summer is a great time to learn something new...have you ever thought of seeking out a Mentor to walk along side you as you learn about the season of your life that you are in?

'Mentor' was the name of the person that Odysseus left his son with when he went off to the trojan war. Mentor was responsible for teaching Odysseus' son what his father was not able to do in his absence.

A Mentor today can be a trusted friend, counselor or teacher...someone usually more experienced and someone who adds value to another person's life.

I would like to challenge any and all readers to make this summer a time to find a Mentor and/or become a Mentor to someone! Be pro-active and reach out and ASK someone if they would like to walk along side you in this journey of life.

Ideally, I think it would be great to have and be a Mentor as you walk through life. This week Stacy and I will share abit on having a Mentor and hope to spark some interest on your part to seek someone who will walk along with you as you learn.

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