Thursday, June 26

In The Garden...

Stacy's busy unpacking and recovering from jet I will finish the week with one last comment on gardens...

As much as I think there are lessons to be taught children in the garden, I think there are lessons that we women can learn in the garden as well.

There is the lesson of faith...I plant, believing that those tiny seeds will grow into a flower or perhaps my dinner!

There is the lesson of pruning...I see the result of a fuller, healthier plant when I prune off the dead heads. It triggers a remembrance of what Jesus taught in John 15 about pruning me so I become a fuller, healthier person.

There is the lesson of waiting...I can't hurry the process. Perfection comes as I wait.

There is the lesson of nurturing...I can't ignore my gardens. The growing plants need me to water and cultivate the soil on a regular basis...yet I cannot make anything grow.

There is the lesson of I harvest the bounty, I am reminded to be thankful and be blown away with joy as I see my gardens full of blooms and bounty.

Do you have a lesson to learn? You just might find one in your garden.

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