Wednesday, June 11


"Alot of people have gone farther than they thought they could because someone else thought they could."

That's a pretty good definition of mentoring, I think. Having someone walk along side you to encourage you and let you know that 'you can do it' when you come up against a challenge.

When I was a young woman, I wondered why older women didn't approach me and offer to mentor to me. Looking back, I wished I had observed the older women in my life. I wished I had asked one of those women if they would mentor me.

I think I would have avoided many potholes in life.

I think I would have benefitted from someone telling me who they thought I could be.

Now that I am a mentor, I'd like encourage any young woman who is reading this to step up to an older woman and ASK if they would be willing to share their life's perspective with you. Be wise in who you ask. Take time to observe older women for a while and look for a consistent life-style; good relationships; a work ethic; a sense of humor; ability to listen; and a heart to know and love the Lord.

Many are willing to give opinions but it is the wise young woman who is teachable. It is a wise older woman who is willing to open her heart to younger women and make a younger woman uncomfortable to remain where she is!

It's a challenge, isn't it, to step out in faith and ask someone to be 'real' in your life because it means that you will have to be 'real' with them. It may be scary, but isn't that what you want from be real and to be all that you can be?

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