Friday, June 27

Home Improvement...

Make this a fun one! Start improving your home this week from the! Get out into your gardens this weekend.

If you don't have one, start one!

If you don't have room for a garden, go buy an indoor plant that will require you to pay attention to it's growth and beauty over the next month and beyond

Get your children into a plot of dirt and let them cultivate, weed, plant, water and enjoy the smell of the earth.

Finally, find a bush or small tree and sneak out and tie wrapped candy to many of its branches. Then find your kids or nieces or nephews and announce that you are going to enjoy some time in the garden. Reward them with the 'candy tree' after your work is through, or if they moan about spending time outside, excite them with a challenge to, "come out to my 'secret garden' where there is a candy tree waiting to be found."

Did you ever think 'Home Improvement' could be so fun?!

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