Monday, June 9

Mark & Mary

When my husband and I were just a few years into marriage, we had the privilege of being partnered with a couple from our church for a mentorship program. That was four years ago.

This mentor couple is now dear to our hearts. We get together with them about every other month for dinner and talking. That's it. We talk, share our lives, ask questions, eat together, celebrate the joys in life and the challenges.

We sit on their screened in porch in the summer and talk until late in the night (we try to keep them young at heart!) as we strive to be open and honest about what's going on in our lives, with our families, careers, etc. We ask their advice and their opinion. We listen so we can soak up their wisdom. Having mentors in your life allows you the opportunity to learn from someone further down the road than you and it is a privilege to be able to do so.

What has unexpectedly come out of the this relationship is that our mentors often tell people that we mentor them! They ask us questions about our views, preferences and goals. They have four young adult children and when we give them the freedom to ask us about our life and marriage, they learn how to better parent and befriend their children.

Additionally, we pray for one another and encourage one another. Ryan and Mark often discuss business and career paths. Mary and I share what God is teaching us and how we are growing personally and in our marriages.

The time and energy you invest in a mentoring relationship will enable you to better live out who you are and you God created you to be. Mentorship is not a one way street. Both parties benefit. Both parties grow. Both parties are blessed beyond measure when a deep friendship is built through open, honest conversation.

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