Tuesday, June 24

Got Dirt?

Got dirt under your fingernails yet? Kids love to work along side a mom who plays in the mud. It may be abit late in the season to get a garden started, but not too late to introduce your kids to the beauty and intrigue of planting.

Beans are fast growing and the seeds are big and easy for little hands to hold on to. 'Bush' beans or 'climbing beans' produce the same vegetables, it just depends how big of a plot you have to work with. In order to harvest a crop yet this summer, try planting a row of beans. The plants are big to see as they push through the ground and easy to water. If a plant or two dies, no worries, because there will be plenty of beans on the remaining plants to feed your family.

Sunflowers are another plant you can possibly get to grow and bloom before the first frost. These are fabulous to watch as they grow so rapidly. Measure their growth weekly and take a picture of your child next to the plant. The first weeks the child will tower over the small seedling...and before you know it the bright sunflower will be hanging way above your children's heads! Name each flower after your kids or just grow one family plant.

Gardens don't have to be masterpieces, just a plot of dirt and a whole lot of love...for your kids and for God's green earth.

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