Wednesday, June 25

I'm home!

I've returned from my trip to the Dominican Republic. And this morning I cried as I read Barb's postings. She is fortunate I was out of the country and couldn't stop her from posting! I am blessed to have such a wonderful role model to encourage me and affirm me as a woman and as a homemaker.

It was, of course, an amazing and powerful trip! My husband and I went with a team of 40 people from our church. I will update you more about our trip and post a few pictures but I wanted to share one thought with you today....

It is hot in Minnesota today and it might be hot where you live as well. But in the midst of the heat, take a minute to thank God for your many blessings...thank him for your home, for air conditioning or fans to keep you cool, for a refrigerator to keep your food cold, a freezer to keep them really cold, cold water from the faucet and automatic ice cubes. Thank him for green grass, shade from trees and cool lakes or pools to take a swim. Thank him for refreshing glasses of lemonade or ice tea and sweet summertime treats.

Even on hot days, a wise woman recognizes there is still so much to be thankful for!

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