Monday, September 21

2009 Theme

I have learned alot this year about myself because of my theme. I chose 'renewing my mind' as my theme in hopes of understanding what 'bringing every thought into captivity' means for everyday living.

I learned it is supernatural to be able to do this.

The average person speaks at approximately 200 words per minute but THINKS at more than 6 times that speed--1,300 words per minute. At this rate we produce approximately 45,000 thoughts per day according to an article written by David J Pollay.

45,000 thoughts per day...and the Bible says I am to bring EVERY thought into captivity (2 Cor 10:5)

I can't begin to RENEW my mind until I take stock in what I am thinking. This has been a real challenge for me this year.

Every year I think I will get a handle on my theme by the end of the year, only to find out I have just scratched the surface of the theme, but I have learned not to get discouraged. At least it has awaken me to new thoughts and insights each year.

Did you pick a theme for this year? Has it made a difference in your life?

Are you recording what you are learning?

Are you accountable to someone? Is your 'theme' measureable?

Finish out the year with a focus on what you want to learn about God and about will help you define 2009.

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