Tuesday, September 1

fall traditions

Today is September 1st! Fall is just about here. In Minnesota the days are warm and sunny, the nights cool and crisp. A beautiful time of year!

Samuel isn't yet going to school, but in Minneapolis school starts today. I've been thinking about the day Samuel goes off to school....and hoping it's decades away!! Since school isn't yet a 'tradition' in our home, I am pondering what fall traditions we could implement in the next few years.

Decor around the home changes to fall colors. Little accents here and there remind me that the seasons are changing. My baking and cooking changes as I want to pull out my apple crisp, apple bars and soup recipes that have been tucked away for some time.

But I would love to create one or two fall traditions with kids that we could do as a family this month. Next month will be pumpkins, but for now, any ideas or suggestions on celebrating and acknowledging the change of seasons?

I'd love to hear what your family did growing up or what you do now to mark the passing of summer and welcoming fall with open arms! Please share!


CRSte said...

Apple Orchards!! We went every September as kids and Randy and I have gone every sept. since we've gotten married! We love picking tons of our own apples and then coming home and baking apples, apple crisp (all the good stuff!), and eating nothing but apple related dishes for days!

Kaiser said...

Every year my in-laws have a State Fair Dinner on Labor Day weekend to mark the passing of summer. Everything we eat is on a stick and usually deep-fried :) We'll have corn dogs, fruit kabobs, pork chops on a stick, mozzarella sticks, lemonade etc. It's so much fun and a great memory!

Barbara said...

Love that idea...Dinner on a stick! What a great memory of the fair and way to finish the summer!