Friday, September 4

Home Improvement...New Tradition

Stacy, I don't think you will be planting bulbs with Samuel this weekend as you wait for your labor pains to start. Here's an idea you already have in place, just continue it for many years to come:

I once read about a woman who had six children. They were all in school, ranging from first to sixth grade. She said if she had it to do over again, she would say to each child the moment he awoke, from the very first day;

"You're terrific, You're marvelous, You're fantastic!"

She would say that every day, a hundred times a day, for six years.

Then, she said, maybe that child would be ready for first grade!

What a great way to improve any home this weekend and prepare all those babies for their first day of school in years to come!

Happy Labor Day to all and especially to Stacy:)

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