Tuesday, September 22

My Theme

I began 2009 with the intent to fill my mind with the Word of God. I was going to memorize Scripture. It seemed pretty straight forward...except I found I had to do alot of 'house-cleaning' before I could find a place to put God's Word in my mind.

I have spent the better part of the year 'bringing every thought into captivity' and clearing out baggage of self-talk, self-deception and lies.

Probably the most poignant thing I have learned about 'renewing my mind' this year goes way back to original sin.

A surprising element of Eve's interaction with the serpent is that he never urged her to DO anything. He simply asked her to THINK.

"Did God really say?"

Doubt was planted...and that was all it took for her to lose sight of who God was.

I wrestle with what comes first. Clearing out space for the Word of God in my mind or hiding God's Word in my heart when random thoughts and lies seem to distract me so easily?

I have found that God doesn't want me to 'hide His word in my heart' to be a better person. He doesn't want me to bring my thoughts into captivity so I can say I mastered my theme this year.

He wants me to renew my mind, whatever it takes, so it changes me. So I become more like Him.

Soren Kirkegaard said, "Our life always expresses the results of our dominant thoughts."

Everyday of 2009, I have had to evaluate my dominant thoughts. Everyday I have had to renew my mind. It's a process. It is supernatural.

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