Thursday, September 3

Hide and Seek

A great fall tradition to begin with little ones is to plant bulbs in the garden. Many bulbs are very hearty and makes this tradition almost fool-proof!

Buy a dozen bulbs, all the same or a mixture of daffodils, tulips or crocus'. Buy them now and wait until the weather becomes abit cooler. The nursery should be able to tell you when to plant them.

If your kids are old enough, take them out to the garden and dig up a small plat for them. If the kids are too young, try it yourself so you will be ready when they are!

Prepare the soil (these bulbs aren't too fussy!)

Plant the bulbs with the pointy side up.

Plant them in groups, rather than in a long line

Cover and wait for the long winter to begin. You will have a spring tradition just waiting for you!

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