Wednesday, September 23

Betsy's Theme

I began 2009 with a desire to be more intentional. That is my theme: be intentional. I know that I bit off more than I can chew with this particular theme (it is more like a life theme than a yearly theme), but it truly is one of my greatest desires. I am not sure where I heard it, but there is one quote I keep coming back to when I think of life choices: “the good is the enemy of the best!” I am a firm believer in this quote. I think one of Satan’s best deceptions is to keep all of us Christians doing good things so we are distracted from choosing/doing what is best. And I am no exception. I can get distracted with the best of them and more often than I would like to admit out loud. My hope was to be more intentional about my choices and how I use my time. I must admit this is a difficult process that I will only be able to scratch the surface of this year, but I feel like I’ve made a good start. I also believe I can only truly be intentional with God’s help. If left to my own I will turn on the TV and waste time doing this or that or I will be intentional for the wrong reasons.

Even though I agree that having a yearly theme to focus on is a good idea, I struggle with keeping my theme on the forefront of my mind. One day while out shopping I just happened upon a ring with the phrase “live with intention” etched in it. I have been wearing it on my finger ever since. I would actually love to do this every year. I feel like it is a constant reminder for me to be thinking about being intentional. I must admit at first it made me feel guilty about some things; should I really be spending my time running this errand or watching this TV program? I know that I could be doing better things. But slowly I am realizing that being intentional does not mean not being real. I think it is much better to say I am going to set aside this time on this night to watch this show than to just turn on the TV and flip through channels and waste twice as much time. It truly is what it says, be intentional. It has more to do with thinking through my decisions and choices instead of just letting life pass me by. I believe my life is made up of the choices I make and how I handle the choices of others. I have realized I have no control over others choices, but I do have control over mine. That is both a freeing feeling and an overwhelming one. My prayer as I finish out this year being focused on being intentional is that God will etch this on my heart so that my choices and ultimately my life will glorify Him. I am so glad that we have a gracious God and that He will walk with me through the choices I make and teach me how to be more intentional about them. I know that through His strength I can live a life with intention!

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