Friday, September 18

Home Improvement

This week we welcomed Stacy's new homemaker, Lauren Ruby as well as two contributing Homemakers, Betsy and Heidi! It was a random week on the blog but a good kick-off to our new season.

As we get into all different topics in the weeks to come, spend this weekend re-evaluating your kitchen. When I considered 'my favorite gadget' to share at Homemakers, I found several broken and unused utensils that I threw out. That made my search even more productive.

Clean a kitchen drawer this week.

Weed out your utensil crock.

Give away unused placemats, napkins or other items that have taken up space in a kitchen drawer.

Clean out your refrigerator.

Pack up your picnic tableware:(

If you still have energy, climb up and see what you are storing in those cupboards that are too high to reach.

While you are at it, figure out what your favorite kitchen tool is and share it with us!

Happy Homemaking

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