Tuesday, September 29

Are You a People Pleaser?

You are either living your mission or you are living someone else's. Which shall it be? (Laurie Beth Jones, The Path)

Benefit #3, in living an Intentional Life, is to Concentrate on God's Idea for ME, not someone else's.

This perhaps was the biggest reason I began my search to be intentional years ago. Pleasing others and comparing myself to others was a constant struggle. Not until I began taking responsibility for my choices and behavior did I start to break free from this battle.

My self confidence increased as I made decisions I was ready to be responsible for.

The key reason for living intentionally is to glorify God by being the person He created me to be. By celebrating my uniqueness, I could let go of trying to conform to other people's standard and continually try to please them in areas where I wasn't gifted.

I thought that I would 'grow into' being intentional. That years of living would teach me how to live. It didn't. I had to embrace living intentionally and start doing just that.

Even as I write, I know there are areas in my life that need pruning and improvement. I still need to focus on being intentional, it never becomes second nature because life keeps changing. New people. New demands. New choices. New responsibilities.

This year in Homemakers we are focusing on The Intentional Woman. We'll share now and then what we are learning.

Join in, it may be your first step as an Intentional Woman.

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