Thursday, September 24


My theme this year is hope and I find myself asking what I put my hope in. The security of my husband’s job, the health of those that I love, the appropriate development of my daughter? I am guilty of relying or hoping in all of these circumstances far more heavily than on the hope that the Bible talks about. All of these circumstances are good things BUT, when I am rooted solely on the security of these things I am setting myself up for extreme disappointment and discouragement when something goes wrong.

The Bible talks about putting my hope in the Lord for He does not disappoint. He is the firm foundation that does not shake when circumstances are not what I would like. This kind of hope is not merely crossing my fingers and hoping things turn out all right. This is a firmly rooted belief that God is in control and the only place worthy of all of my hope. This is the the kind of hope I want in my life.

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