Thursday, September 17

Our Favorite Kitchen Gadgets


I must admit I have a few favorite kitchen gadgets: my magic bullet, automatic ice maker, fridge smart containers, Kitchen Aid mixer. . .but the more I thought about the gadget I could not live without it would definitely have to be my kitchen scissors. As a mom of young kids my scissors are used numerous times a day for various reasons. I just used it to cut the crusts off toast for their breakfast. It can be used to cut sandwiches in half, french toast into strips for easy dunking; I even bring it with me to a local pizza place that has the best pizza with a tougher crust to cut. It is no match for the scissors. If truth be told I have 5 kitchen scissors so that if one is in the dishwasher I always have one available. I guess that should have tipped me off to my favorite-who has 5 of anything in their kitchen?

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