Friday, September 11

Home Improvement...Write It Down

So many women say they 'can't write', but actually all women write to some extent. Shopping lists, thank you cards, recording memories in albums or taking notes in church.

This year in Homemakers we are going to focus on our written words as well as our spoken words because I think it makes us think more succinctly when we put our thoughts on paper. If we measure our words when writing, we may measure our words when speaking.

A wise woman measures her words.

Wm Faulkner said, "I never know what I think about something until I read what I've written."

We discover ourselves in our writing.

This weekend for Home Improvement, discover alittle bit more about yourself.

As soon as you have an important thought, write it down. Even if it is on the back of a receipt, write it down. Later transfer that thought into a journal, your Bible or send it in a note. Share it on this blog or tell your husband.

You may find you don't have any thoughts that are worthy of writing down! No worries. If that is the case, spend a few minutes Sunday afternoon and send a thankyou note to someone. Just thank them for being in your life. It will be the start of expressing yourself in a very meaningful way and you will be blessing someone with your written words.

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