Wednesday, September 9

New Season

As we wait for Sweet Baby May to be born, we are continuing on with Homemakers with Hope and it's new season!

A group of young moms meet monthly to talk and learn about the whole gamet of relationships, homemaking skills, personal growth and our walk with the Lord. This will be our 8th year.

Some faces have changed but the content has continued to build on itself and we are still growing together as we build our homes. (Proverbs 14:1)

Anyone who lives anywhere with anyone can benefit from this blog! It means you are a homemaker, needing to have the support of others as to how to keep it all together and more importantly, how to get along with others in your lives.

Stacy and I have shared in this blog some of what goes on at our meetings, but this year we are going to be even more intentional in sharing with you.

Two more 'Homemakers' are going to be posting their thoughts and insights on this blog. I hope this will prompt interaction from readers.

As we stated in the purpose of this blog, "We'll provide affirmation, encouragement, and from time to time something that challenges you to pursue excellence."

Let us know what you are learning as you build your home. We are all in this together and the more we can encourage each other to 'stay the course' even when things are hard, the better it will be for all homes and families in America.

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